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Maxman gel uae:

Maxman is a cream for external use, which can be used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. It contains extracts of medicinal herbs that restore erectile function and affect the production of testosterone in the body. Many experts in the field of urology recommend using a phytopreparation both for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes.

A vitaminized remedy has a beneficial effect on the work of not only the reproductive system, but also the body as a whole. The beneficial substances that are contained in the cream are involved in most biochemical processes. Replenishment in the body of a deficiency of amino acids and vitamins helps to accelerate the processes of tissue regeneration and increase non-specific immunity.
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Persons with a history of skin and urogenital diseases are not recommended to use the cream without the approval of a doctor.
Extracts from medicinal plants enhance libido and increase sperm quality, therefore, Maxman cream is recommended for men suffering from oligozoospermia and asthenozoospermia. In addition, due to the activation of cellular metabolism and the acceleration of blood microcirculation in the genital organ, the blood supply to the cavernous bodies improves. In this regard, after applying the gel, the diameter of the penis increases slightly, which has a beneficial effect on the quality of sexual life.

The composition of the herbal remedy includes the following components:
Maca Peruvian - accelerates the filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood;
extracts from the thistle - stimulates the synthesis of androgens (male hormones);
bitterness oil - accelerates blood circulation and normalizes the nutrition of muscle tissues;
Usni Borovid extract - increases the tone of blood vessels and cell turgor.
According to clinical studies, the cream significantly increases the activity of male cells (sperm).
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In the first minutes after using the cream, tingling and slight numbness of the penis is possible, which disappears within 3-5 minutes.
Extracts of medicinal plants that contain trace elements and amino acids have a pronounced reflex effect. They expand the diameter of the dorsal and deep arteries through which the blood supply to the organ. As a result, complete blood filling of the spongy and cavernous bodies in the penis is achieved. In this regard, the trunk diameter and organ hardness significantly increase, which has a beneficial effect on the duration and quality of sexual intercourse.
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Maxman gel uae:

The active components of the drug affect the concentration of testosterone in the body, so doctors do not recommend using MaxMan for people under the age of 18. Irrational use of the cream can cause hormonal imbalance and the development of priapism - a constant erection. Absolute indications for the use of herbal remedies are:
low level of libido;
erectile disorders;
rapid ejaculation;
impaired spermatogenesis;
penis hypersensitivity;
insufficient duration of sexual intercourse.
According to customer reviews, Maxman can reduce the sensitivity of the penis by about 30-40 minutes, thereby significantly prolonging sexual intercourse. In the case of regular use of the cream, you can affect not only the potency, but also the linear dimensions of the penis itself. But in order to achieve the desired effect, you need to strictly follow the instructions for using the drug.

Instructions for Maxman:
40 minutes before intercourse take a shower;
apply a small amount of cream on the trunk and head of the penis;
rub the drug until it is completely absorbed.
Important! It is undesirable to use the cream together with other prolongators of sexual intercourse, as this can cause an allergic reaction.

According to the recommendations of specialists, MaxMan can be used no more than 2 times a day. In order to achieve a significant increase in the size of the penis, it is advisable to conduct a course treatment with a herbal product lasting at least 1 month.
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