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Wireless Charging 3 in 1:

A unique and useful 3-in-1 device that combines wireless charging for iPhone phones, as well as smart watches Apple Watch and wireless headphones Airpods. At the docking station, all devices are compactly and conveniently placed and there is no need to use wires for each device.
The charging power of the phones is 5 to 10 watts, depending on the model you are charging, for APPLE WATCH 2 watts and for Airpods 3 watts.

The docking station is covered with a special coating that prevents the charging devices from sliding, and thanks to the LED indicator you will always be aware of the charge level.
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A wireless charging dock can charge phones even at a distance of 8 millimeters from its surface, so even the thickest case on your phone will not interfere with its charging.
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The phone on the dock can be charged both vertically and horizontally, and you can watch movies or your favorite TV shows while charging the phone.
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The wireless charging dock is compact and won't take up much space on your desk. You can choose a docking station in both black and white. And thanks to the rubberized bottom surface, the docking station will stand firmly on any surface and will not slip anywhere.

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The docking station can charge apple phones that have wireless charging support, as well as phones from other companies that also have wireless charging. Supports apple watch smart watch charging of all versions and airpods wireless headphones.
Users can have both AirPods, AppleWatch, and, of course, an iPhone, which also needs to be charged. Wireless Charging AirPower “promised” to do this simultaneously while all of the above devices just lie on its surface.

Wireless Charging 3 in 1:

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wireless charging android, wireless charging apple watch, wireless charging app, a wireless charging pad The plus of such charging is that all your devices are charged on one wire and occupy one socket, instead of three (for example, if you charged each of the devices separately).

Headphones should get up here perfectly! But there is a nuance, there is nothing else to charge except Apple's branded headphones from Apple, although the universal connector for most portable Apple devices sticks out at the bottom of the glass - lightning. If it were possible to put a second iPhone or iPodTouch - then the product would be more interesting and more universal, but who knows, maybe this is left for the next version ... :) It turns out that those who do not have headphones and do not plan to purchase them in the future - they can safely take a 2-in-1 station, which is cheaper and will be considered in the second part of our review.
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