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Published on 21 May 2020 / In Top Shop Online

Immunity booster:

Considering the dread and terror that the novel coronavirus has brought with itself, it wouldn’t be very wrong to say that if we do not resort to the strapping precautionary measures delineated by the world health officials while there’s still time, resisting an apocalypse would be then beyond our control. Although preventing the contraction of the virus is not something that we can entirely control but, there are indeed ways in which we can stay safe and ensure that our loved ones too are secured. Participating in social distancing, washing hands every twenty minutes and eating healthy to boost the immune system are some of the defenses that can work in our favor. While the first two points are clear and doable, one can have doubts about the third one but, there's nothing to worry about as in this article, we will attempt to address all your discrepancies.
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If you have been reading or watching the news, you will know that the coronavirus has a tendency of attacking those whose immune systems are weak like people above the age of 60, children and others who suffer from ailments such as diabetes, breathing abnormalities, high blood pressure, and such others.

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that people who do not fall under any of these categories will be spared, they too have equal chances of succumbing to the disease; it is just that in the first case, the fatality rate is higher.

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